New Homes - Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

  • The sales agent in a model home works for the Builder. Their job is to get the highest price and best terms and conditions for the builder, not you. If you don't have a buyer's agent working on your side, you are not represented.
  • Those who chose to go it alone often don't realize there is no cost to the buyer, nor does the seller offer any discount if you don't have an agent.
  • Our job as buyer's agents is to get the best possible price and terms for you, the buyer.  We understand new home construction, contracts, financing, warranties, differences in price, quality, location, and lot selection.    


To further benefit you in your new home purchase, we will:

  • Have you pre-approved for your mortgage before you start looking so that your negotiating position is as strong as possible.
  • Inform you of the builder's history and reputation particularly with post sales service and warranty. Even the best constructed home will have problems that will only show up after you've been in the house a while.
  • Do a comparative market analysis in the local Orlando area around the subdivision so you will have a good concept of the home's value.
  • Inform you about any problems with the subdivision or the area that may not be known or mentioned up front by the builder's salesperson.
  • Inform you about resale of homes in nearby Orlando area or even in the same subdivision that will affect your negotiating strategy.
  • Inform you about special incentives such as upgrades that may be available but won't be offered without negotiation.
  • Review the contract to make sure there are no misunderstood provisions.
  • Follow the transaction through closing, assuring that everything is done according to the contract in a timely manner.
  • Watch over construction if you are absent or out-of-town, providing you with digital photo updates on construction.
  • Help you select your upgrades, keeping in mind those that are most advantageous for resale and those that may be purchased for much less after closing, without builder inflated prices.

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